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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and The DietBet

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had such a wonderful time.  
My mom came to visit for the weekend and we spent a lot of time together.  
We didn't do anything really special, just being with each other.  

We did do a little shopping.
I got the greatest water bottle.  I know it's a little silly to be so happy over a water bottle, but I am!
Did you know, you can buy spring water in glass bottles and it is way cheaper than buying cool bottles that are empty? Crazy, but true. Here is the bottle I am so happy about:
Voss Bottle

Seriously love it. Weird, I know.

We discovered a nest under the patio eave on the top of a post.  It already has little baby birds in it!

Spring Baby Birds

Forgive the blurry pic.  Took the photo....

Here is a sneak peek of a little project that I am getting started on.

Paint chips

Wonder what it will be? Hmmmm.
I have a little bit of project ADD and change my mind a lot about things that I want to do.  I came up with this one all of a sudden last week and can't wait to get it done.  However, I will be punching circles for the rest of the year....

Oh, and, I WON A GREAT GIVEAWAY! Woohoo! There was a huge launch giveaway over at 2 Geeky Girls. They are two girls that love anything social media, technology, and fitness.  Since I am doing the DietBet this month, I chose the BodyMedia Armband and Gaiam Abs Ball Workout Kit. I am so excited. 
Bodymedia Armband

I have wanted a personal activity tracker for a long time, but never invested in one.  I am so glad I entered! Go show the ladies over at 2 Geeky Girls some love and tell them I sent you.

Speaking of fitness, my DietBet is going great so far! I am only 1 week in, but I am already down 3.8 pounds.  I really can't believe it. This was just the motivation that I needed to really get down to business.  Our pot is up to $15,165, but it would be enough to even just get my $25 bet back. Stay with me and cheer me on as I keep you updated on my progress, and visit DietBet to learn more about it. 

How was your weekend? What creativity were you up to?


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