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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Painted Jute Rug

Hey, my friends!
Today I'm finally sharing my painted rug with you.

This is a project that was a little afraid to tackle, but it was totally worth it.  

I snagged a large jute rug at a consignment shop for 60 bucks back in the fall. I knew it would be perfect to go under our new to us dining table when we completed our kitchen renovation. 

The table is an antique game table with slide outs on each end and I had found these modern chairs at a second hand shop for 10 dollars each. (I'm pretty sure the chairs were in a cafeteria at a local university. Ha!)

Then we decided to get a sweet puppy. Well, she's not actually a puppy. Dot is about 4-5 years old and we got her from a local animal rescue.

This was a last minute decision to insert this photo, so it's not the best. 
Yes, she looks sad most of the time but it makes her so cute.

As many of you know, when you bring a new dog into a home the world is their toilet. Which, unfortunately, included my jute rug. 

I had already started painting when I remembered to take a pic of the ginormous stain!

My sweet hubby, Rex, wanted to help out and clean said stain by pouring hot water on it.  (I don't know why or why he thought that would be a good idea.) The stain just grew. It started out about half this size.

So, in comes the paint and stencils.
It went really fast and was so easy.

I used some satin paint that I had a sample of from Lowes and these:

I scored these at Michael's with a 50% off coupon!

So the rug went from gross to great!

There are a couple of places that you can still barely see the darker area of the stain, but it really turned out awesome! (The corner embellishment is covering the edge of the stain in that corner above.)

Have you ever painted a rug? What kind of paint did you use and where did you put your rug?

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