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Saturday, April 6, 2013

DietBet-Gotta Lose It To Win It

UPDATE: The pot is now $13965!
Cheer me on!

I've got something coming up that I am really excited about. It's called a diet bet.
Yes, I am going on a "diet" to try to win some money.
Haha! Sort of! 

weigh in time!
I AM in a contest to try to lose 4% of my body fat, but I'm not only doing it for the money.  I'm doing it for me, the money is just a little extra incentive.  

You can go to DietBet's site to learn about all the particulars. Basically, you join a game for $25 and anyone that loses 4% of their body fat splits the pot with others that lost their 4%.

Currently, there are 217 players in the game I have joined and the pot is up to over $5000. Wow!
If you would like to join us, CLICK HERE. The weigh in is today and tomorrow with the official game starting on Monday, April 8th.

I have a lot of trouble losing weight because of medication that I must take for migraines and my autoimmune disease (you can learn a little about that in this post), so I'll have to work really hard. 4% percent for me would be a little less than 6 pounds.  (If you are that curious you could do the reverse math and figure out about what I weigh, but if you're that curious, just email me....)

I have begun exercising regularly and eating better.  We eat fairly healthy, but I plan to eliminate breads and most dairy. I have a huge weakness for pizza (dinner last night) and ice cream. Oh, and I've been drinking more water.  I have always drank a lot of water, but this past week I probably doubled my intake. 

Funny thing, I can already tell a difference in the appearance of my thighs!(nasty cellulite..) 

But, as I said, carbs are a big downfall for me.  I love yeast rolls, crescent rolls, homemade bread, and pizza.  Oh my!

Is your mouth watering?
Please follow along with me and I'll keep you posted on my progress. The scale may not move much, but I know I will be healthier for the experience.  I plan to join another DietBet right away when this one is over.  Join me if you want a little extra push to get into shape!

Getting healthier and forming better habits is just one of the steps in my journey.  With my liver condition, I also have low bone density.  Exercise and healthy eating are important to maintaining good bone health!

This is not a sponsored post. 


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