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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yoplait Greek Yogurt #TasteOff

Today's #TasteOff was sponsored by Yoplait, but the winner was my honest choice.

We took the Yoplait Greek Taste Off challenge, have you?

Yoplait Greek Taste-off #sponsored

If you would like to take the challenge visit this link: Greek TasteOff Tumblr;  to snag a coupon!

Greek yogurt is part of our daily diet. It is a great source of protein to help keep your waistline trim. Most of the time, I prefer plain or vanilla (I know, not too exciting!). My husband and our youngest are the only other yogurt lovers in the house, and they enjoy yogurt with fruit in it.  I like it sometimes, but generally stick to my old stand-by.

We buy all brands, Chobani, Fage, Activia, but we had not tried Yoplait's Greek. Really, there are getting to be more and more Greek choices, all the time.  I have tried some that I will definitely not purchase again.

When I was contacted by Yoplait to participate in the Yoplait Taste-Off, I was thrilled! Like I said, we love yogurt.  I use it in smoothies, fruit salads, and I use plain in all sorts of recipes. So we headed off to the store to grab our yogurt to get tasting. 

Yoplait Greek Taste-off #sponsored

I set up the taste test and labeled the bowls of yogurt, to keep them straight! They both looked pretty yummy, but one of them was a clear stand out.

Yoplait Greek Taste-off #sponsored

This challenge is Yoplait vs. Chobani and, honestly, I love Chobani Greek yogurt, so I was a little skeptical. (I really love their Coconut yogurt! Yum!)

My youngest was my taster because I knew that he would be completely honest with me.

Yoplait Greek Taste-off #sponsored

Who was the standout winner?

Yoplait Greek Taste-off #sponsored

I was, truly, so surprised! The Yoplait Greek Blueberry is already blended and was creamy with a smooth taste, no bitterness like some Greek yogurt.  The Chobani is fruit on the bottom, so you have to stir quite a bit to get it blended, and it was still not nearly as smooth as I would like.  And, Chobani, even though it's been one of my favorites in the past, really does have the "bite" that many Greek yogurts have.

I was absolutely convinced. Yoplait Greek Yogurt has a new home in my refrigerator! 

Yoplait Greek Taste Off #sponsored

Yoplait Greek Yogurt has no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and all colors are natural with real bits of fruit in every cup. Yoplait Greek is available nationally, and you can use the store locator right on their website to find your nearest retailer.

And, oh, the flavors! There are some really good ones, that I still want to try.  Blueberry is always in our fridge, but I really want to try the Coconut and the Strawberry Raspberry. Those just sound tasty, don't they? There more flavors, too, like Cherry, Pineapple, my trusty Vanilla, Tangerine, Strawberry, and Raspberry. Yum! I'm craving them now.

Yoplait Greek Taste-off #sponsored

Join in the Taste-Off now and go to the Greek Taste-Off Tumblr Page to snag a coupon on your next purchase of Yoplait Greek and tell them what you think.

Try the better tasting Greek! In a national taste test, Yoplait® Greek Blueberry Beat Chobani® Blueberry Fruit On The Bottom.


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