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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kid Art: 5 Ways to Display It

This is something that I have definitely struggled with, and I know that I can't be the only one. I never know how much to have displayed, where to display it, or how.

As I was browsing Pinterest one day I came across one image that showed a really cool idea for displaying kids work, and it got me to searching for more. 

So, now, I give you...da da da daaaaa

5 Awesome Ways To Show Off Your Kid's Masterpieces
You have to say that in your best announcer's voice in your head....

Presh, no? I love the little plaques that she used to attach the cables.  

Can't we always count on Centsational Girl for awesome inspiration?

Dress up an otherwise plain hallway by decorating the door to the garage! Brilliant!

This is probably my favorite! So smart to glue the giant clips to the glass in a frame.

BabyRabies has a great tutorial on how she created this art display. I love the combination of the chalkboard with the display.

Visit all of these ladies and see how they created each gallery.  Which one would you choose for your home?


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