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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No DRAMA Mama: My Favorite Crafting Tool

crafting tool

Welcome back, everyone! Today, I am excited to present Kelly from The NO Drama Mama.

NO Drama Mama
Kelly from The NO Drama Mama

If you haven't met her yet, head over to her blog and learn all about her.  She is awesomely cool and it's really fun to read all about her.

She is hear to tell you all about her hardest working craft tool and it is one that any serious crafter absolutely MUST have.

And, heeeeeere's Kelly!

glue gun

It may not show up in all of my projects' pictures, but my glue gun is my hardest working craft tool. Even if I don't end up using it, I pull it out for almost all of my DIYs just in case!

Hot glue guns are very versatile.  I use one almost every time I glue something.
As long as you don't need your project to hold an enormous amount of weight or withstand toddler-like destruction, hot glue is the perfect solution.

paper bunting

foam stamp

photo properties

It's great for just holding things in place too.

picture frame

picture frame

Not to mention it's also easy on the budget.  Glue sticks come in high volume packs so you get a lot of bang for your buck! 

glue sticks

All I have is a mini, low temp glue gun.  My main reason for having low temp glue gun is because I tend to be accident prone.  High temp guns and me don't mix. I still have a scar from when I was 18! Also, it is easier to find multi-temp glue sticks at any store.  

Not much of  a DIYer?  This is the perfect tool to have around!


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