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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dream A Little Bigger: My Favorite Craft Tool a Blog Series

Today, I want to introduce a real cutie! Allison blogs over at Dream A Little Bigger and she certainly doesn't limit herself to one area of crafting. She has a rockin' collection of shoes that she has remade and embellished. You should go over and check out all of her awesome DIY's.  

Her favorite tool is very unexpected and awesome! Enjoy!

When Amy asked me what my most used or most important crafting tool was I instantly thought of my hot glue gun.While it is the tool I used the most through one genre to the next of crafting, it isn't the most important. If something happened to that little pink thing today, I'd replace it tomorrow and that would be the end of that. No big deal. My Buck knife, on the other hand would be a completely different story.

You see I started my blog last year and I kept it a secret from my father. Ever since being laid of some years ago I've been freelance taking on a little bit of this or that as it comes up. I enjoy it and it pays the mortgage but it's not what anyone would call a career. Add in the fact that I'm unmarried and you can see why most thing I need to "get a real job already". My father has been supportive of my working from home mostly because of the time it affords me to spend with my family. In spite of that I worried that my new venture would be a bit too "crafty" for him to understand.

It turned out I started Dream a Little Bigger just weeks before I was rushing down to be there while he had open heart surgery. I wanted to tell him all about the blog but it wasn't a good time and worried that I would never see him again having kept such a big secret from him. It just about killed me.

Daddy pulled through and I told him during his recovery and while he wasn't exactly stoked, he was glad that I was moving toward doing something that I enjoyed rather than was simply good at. While we were working on a blog project together  in my garage months later I pulled out my dinky black plastic pocket knife and handed it over when the need arose. I was informed that it just wouldn't do and my dad produced his Buck knife out of his pocket, proceeded to use it and then set it down on the table... And he told me that I should hang on to it. 

So this is why that little knife will always mean more to me than any fancy machine, gadget or tool and it will always be my most important crafting tool.


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