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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DietBet Update

Well, folks, I did it!

Dietbet Update

I lost 4% of my bodyweight and won a whopping $41!!
I have never been so excited over $41 in my life.  I worked hard for it! And, more importantly, I stuck with it. I have never been one for sticking to a diet or exercise plan for long.
For 28 days, I ate healthy and exercised at least 4 times a week.
That's a big deal.

(View a previous post here on my 28 day DietBet)

I have even had the opportunity to pig out completely and I didn't do it. I splurged a little in DC, but not much.  I ate bread and a small dessert. I even took my boys to SmashBurger one night and had a salad, and I love me some SmashBurger.

I have been taking my lunch to work every day, as well.

DietBet update

I carry some combination of the following items:
1 baked chicken breast or a single serve packet of tuna in water
100 calorie pack of Wholly Spicy guacamole
black beans
1 container of vanilla 0% fat greek yogurt with blueberries
an apple or banana
natural peanut butter
Gerber Graduates Grabbers
*apple, pear, and peach
*apple and sweet potato
*pear and squash
a protein shake made with BSN Dessert Protein
A large refillable water bottle

Every morning for breakfast I have a cup of plain 0% fat greek yogurt with blueberries and Kashi granola. And, in the evening after I exercise I have another protein shake.

The evening shake, I will usually pump up with half a banana and fat free milk instead of water.

I signed up to do another DietBet, but I am thinking that this one will be a lot harder! I have already found myself slipping a little here and there.  A diet coke with lunch, sharing a bowl of ice cream with the Little Man...not too bad, but one thing can often lead to another.

So, my friends, wish me luck, and join up if you want to push yourself to lose a few pounds!


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