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Thursday, May 23, 2013

20 Minute Crafting with Washi

Amy from Trip Worth Taking
Hi! I'm Amy!
This is the post that ran on Wednesday at Simply Dream & Create. Enjoy!

Hi, Simple Dream & Create Readers! I am Amy and I'm really excited to be guest posting here for Stephanie.  I "met" her when I shamelessly emailed her and asked for blogging tips a couple of months ago. Then she was gracious enough to participate in a blog series that ran over at my blog, Trip Worth Taking.  She shared her favorite crafting tool and cleared up a little confusion for me in the process! 

I love to craft and sometimes you just need a quick crafting fix, you know? At least, I do.  
Maybe I'm the only one with the problem.  If you're not in the same boat then just talk amongst yourselves for a minute while I share with all the craft addicts.

My kids think I'm crazy sometimes because a thought will jump into my head and I have to act on it.  Sometimes those little crafting explosions work out and sometimes they don't, but I give it a try anyway. 

I have recently fallen in love with Washi Tape. Yes, I know, I'm late to the party. (Hey, but I DID show up!) And, want to put it on everything. I have been able to restrain myself mostly, but I did decide that Washi would be the perfect answer for a little problem.

worn out phone cable
Poor worn out phone cable

worn out phone cable
Poor worn out phone cable

Isn't it sad.  I know it happens to us all.  
We use and abuse our phone cable and expect them to last forever.

I was going to just put some tape around the top and then I had a brain surge. Washi!

Before I could Washi my little heart happy, I had to get the outer rubber casing pulled down to the ends evenly.  To do that I simply held on to one end and ran my fingers down the cord.  It easily pulled back into place.

Then I set to work. No real technique involved here.  I started at one end with the cord running down the length of the strip of tape:

Washi Taped Phone Cable
Washi Taped Phone cord

I just closed the tape around the cable. Easy Peasy.  
At the ends where the cord meets the USB and phone connections, I wrapped around the cord.

Washi Taped Phone Cable
Washi wrapped phone cable
I did this all the way up to the connector.

Now my cord should last a while longer....and, it's pretty.

Washi Taped Phone Cable
Washi Taped Phone Cable
Here's an itsy bitsy hint:
If you find that your tape is coming loose, use a little clear nail polish to stick it down. Booyah!

I bet you're going to Washi something right now, aren't ya?


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