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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Simple Campfire Desserts

I am on a pretty strict diet. But, my family isn't.
And, we love dessert.

It's the whole reason for the rest of the meal, right?

I've been collecting ideas for fun summer desserts that the kids can help make.

We love to cook as a family, and making these desserts will be even better.

Cookouts are always fun, and the perfect way to finish it off will be with these super simple and yummy Campfire Cones

Campfire Cones
Campfire Cones from Happy Kid Ideas

You can really put just about anything your tastebuds fancy in these!

The directions are easy and you could set up a buffet of ingredients and let the kids create their own concoctions!

Here is one that I can't wait to try.  

Chocolate Cake baked in an orange. Yep, you heard me.  

Cake in an orange
Chocolate Cake Baked in an Orange from Chow

Who thinks of these things? I imagine that the orange peel infuses the cake with a lovely orange flavor. Yum!

These are super easy, as well, but the adults may need to scoop the orange out of the peel and let the kiddos fill the orange bowl with the batter. Then wrap 'em in foil and let them cook in the fire while you enjoy the outdoors!

The S'mores Pizza is a little more involved, and requires a grilling rack, so this may work better in a grill than a campfire.

But, boy, does this look good or what? Maybe, I'm just chocolate deprived right now.....

Campfire dessert pizza
Campfire Dessert Pizza

Adults would definitely be in charge of this one, as it could get pretty messy and burn easily on the grill. 

Remember to always supervise those kidlets closely around any open flame.
(I was burned pretty badly on my arm, from a fall into a campfire, as a small child and still have a significant scar.)

For those who want something not quite as messy, but still ooey gooey and chocolately, try the Dessert in a Can from My Creative Stirrings.

Dessert In A Can
Dessert In A Can from My Creative Stirrings
You could use the cans over and over and use what ever fruit you have on hand. 

Here are a few ideas:
fresh strawberries with marshmallows, chocolate chips, almonds, crushed graham crackers
peach pie filling with marshmallows, crushed Ritz crackers, and walnuts
chopped bananas, marshmallows, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, crushed graham crackers

Oh my!

What combinations would you try? Tell us so we can all try them out!


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