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Friday, May 17, 2013

Automate Your Life!

Do you know IFTTT (IF This Then That)? If you don't then you totally should get to know it.  

I am a firm believer in working smarter, not harder, and IFTTT helps you do just that. 
IFTTT can help you automate many aspects of your life.  

Automate blog posts to Twitter and your Facebook Fan Page
Automate your Instagram photos to Evernote, Facebook, or email.
Set your lights to come on at home when the sunsets or if your favorite team wins their big game.
Want to save a link to a favorite Youtube video to Dropbox? Automate it.  

I'm serious.  This is stinking awesome.  

Once you register for an account with IFTTT you can select which channels you want to use.  The channels are the services that you use every day.
Gmail, Evernote, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. 

You have to grant permission for any channel to access your accounts, of course.

Once you have granted permission for the various channels you wish to use you can begin creating "recipes". 
Recipes are the combinations of triggers and actions that you choose.

Here is a recipe that I created today

Since I am a migraine sufferer and they can be triggered by a change in the weather, I want to know if it starts to rain. This will send me a text when there is a change in the local weather. 

I've also automated my blog posts to be sent to Twitter and my Facebook Fan Page.

You can create all sorts of cool recipes if you have the WeMo or Philips Hue.  I don't have either one of these, but would love to create fun recipes for my home with these.  

Some that I have seen with the Hue are below:

Doesn't that seem fun?!

When I post to the blog here, it is automatically tweeted to my followers and added to my FB Fan Page with a link.

IFTTT is adding channels all the time and you can even set up a recipe to get an email any time one is added (of course!).

What would you automate with IFTTT?


What are you waiting for? Automate something!


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