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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Family

Yep. I'm doing it.  

I'm joining in the challenge from The Nester.

I don't often "join" up with these things, but I wanted to challenge myself to write about a really meaningful topic.  My family. 

It's why I started this blog. To spur me to be more creative for them and for our home. And, to have an outlet for my creativity. 

I love sharing my projects with you, but I want to share more of ME with you, as well.  

So, I will be talking about family, and what that means to me.  

I'll talk about my Daddy, my Mom, growing up with 2 older sisters in a blended family, having a blended family of my own, being a wife to an amazing man, and of course, being a mother to our precious gifts that God has given us.  I'll tackle the subject of being a step-mom, as well, the struggles and the joys.  

Are you with me?

I hope so.

Starting tomorrow, ready or not.

part 8
part 9
part 10
part 11
part 12
part 13
part 14
part 15
part 16
part 17
part 18
part 19
part 20
part 21
part 22
part 23
part 24
part 25
part 26
part 27
part 28
part 29
part 30
part 31


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