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Saturday, October 5, 2013

31 Days: Artwork, Family Style

Hey, Everyone! So sorry I missed getting to hang out with you yesterday. The Littlest was sick and I was tending to him and dealing with a migraine. Yuck.

I hope you got to read the guest post from my niece.  It's too cute.

You can go HERE to read all of the posts in the 31 Days Series, too.

Today is all about artwork for your home that can really showcase your love for your family.
There are so many ways to do this and I want to share some of my favorites.

This Scrabble Family Art from One Creative Housewife is great, and it would be really simple to do with scrapbook paper and scrabble tiles.  She used a stencil to create the background, but I'm a sucker for using scrapbook paper in projects to simplify the process!

via One Creative Housewife

Here is a great idea from a lady that I don't think has a blog. But, she knocked this gallery wall out of the park! Also, she explains what she did in her description on Pinterest. I'm linking here to her board on Pinterest that is all about her craft room.

via Pinterest

This Family Tree from Leaves of Love would be a great idea to create when your whole family is together. And, it would make a neat keepsake for grandparents.

via Leaves of Love

I still love all the different interpretations of Important Dates artwork, and there are so many to choose from on Etsy.  I like this one from A Custom Design with the "First Comes Love" rhyme included:

via Etsy

This one that has the "family" math is really cute, too.

via Etsy

There are just all sorts of ways to display your love for family in your home. 
What is your favorite?


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