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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nesting for the Spring

I have a really cute craft to share with you all! 
This precious little nest with eggs.

Isn't it perfect for Spring?

It was really easy to make and super quick.  And, this is another one that was completely and totally free.  I had all of the supplies on hand.

Always remember, never throw away a single scrap of a craft supplies.  You never know when it will come in handy.

Here is what you need:
contractors twine
cute little eggs (I will tell you what I used at the end of the post)
a hot glue gun

I know that I've seen these rope nests around Pinterest, but this is completely my version.

The rope that I used had a resin in it, so I was able to heat the cut ends with a lighter to melt it and this helps to keep the ends from fraying.  I let it cool before I began wrapping it to form the nest. 

Once it was cooled, I simply bent one end over itself and hot glued it down.

Then I just continued to wind the rope around, gluing as I went.

In the photo above you can tell I started making each wrap of the rope a little higher on the edge of the layer it was glued down on, to begin to form the nest shape.

Soon, I had the shape that I wanted and I trimmed my rope and glued the end down.  This nest will lay on its side and you won't see this once it is all complete.

Notice the nesting material inside the rope nest? That's where the contractor's twine comes in.

I wanted a loose and messy look for this, so I loosely began wrapping it around my fingers. First just one finger for a couple of loops, then two, then three, and so on.

Then I set it in the middle of the rope nest and arranged it the way that I wanted and glued it into place.

I actually did that part twice to get it as full as I wanted.  

Then I glued my "eggs" in.  Malted milk eggs. 
They were the perfect size and color.  And, those things last forever!

Here's the finished product!

I would love to see any "nest" projects that you've made! Link them up in the comments!


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