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Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Fun Time! Let's Hope No One Breaks Anything...

Hello, my lovelies! I am looking forward to the next week off of work for Spring Break with the family, how about you? Even my hubs was able to take off for the week. It will be a time for family and relaxation. The kids may be a little bummed that we aren't actually taking a trip, but that's just not financially possible right now. But, we do have some fun things planned.

Last night at our Community Group (our church home group), a precious friend of mine made that comment that I have the most Norman Rockwell family that she has ever heard of. I took that as a compliment. She mentioned the fact that at my parents house, we all exchange homemade gifts for Christmas. Or, as she put it, "Exchanging handmade gifts while sipping hot chocolate and giving hugs", or something like that. LOL!

Awesome Handmade Gift Action....

The subject came up because of what we have planned for this weekend. My hometown is only an hour away from where I currently live and my mother and sisters still live there. We will be gathering at my mother's home for an entire weekend of festivities. Other family will be coming in from Dallas, as well. I can't wait to see them all.

Here is the agenda:
Friday night: dinner on your own or at Mom's house
Saturday morning: Brunch with all of the family
Saturday afternoon: The First Annual Memorial Baseball Game in honor of my Daddy
Saturday night: Bonfire and Hotdog cookout, with a Birthday Celebration for my Mother
Sunday: church with Mother and Sunday lunch
Sunday afternoon: Visit the Cemetery to view the marker
 and remember Daddy on his Birthday

Past Bonfire and Cookout

This will be an awesomely fun weekend, and to make it even better, all of our boys will be able to attend. Since we are a blended family, there are times when they miss out, but not this time!

My parents wedding anniversary would be this Friday, March 8th; my Mother's birthday is Saturday, March 9th; and my Daddy's birthday would be Sunday, March 10th. Crazy, huh?
Even though we will be missing my Daddy like crazy, this will be a fun time with lots of celebration and laughter. We have made a point to plan fun things to do together because Daddy would want us to laugh and enjoy each other, AND, to help Mother through the difficult times. She is alone more now than she has ever been in her life, and so we want to pack memories into the times that we are all together.

My husband is the genius that came up with the idea of the baseball game and it caught on pretty quickly. He is the most athletic person in the family, by far. I'm lucky that I know which end of the bat to hold on to! Athleticism is definitely not in me, but it will be a lot of fun and I don't really care if I actually hit the ball or not.

We are divided up into teams and we all have to provide our shirts, either pink or blue, and our ages are our jersey numbers. My little is the youngest, at 7 and Mother is the oldest at 77. (Remember, that day is her actual birthday.)

A few other fun things that my family enjoys:
Soup Tuesday: I don't actually get to participate since I live out of town, but Mother and my sister's families all have dinner together every Tuesday and it is usually some favorite soup recipe.

Late night summer swims: When we are all together there will be at least one late night swim in the summer.

Thanksgiving Talent Show: After the Thanksgiving meal everyone demonstrates a talent of some sort.

We have had original rap songs, a baritone demonstration, magic tricks, poem recitations, Karate, and I did a Hand Jive last time.

I am ready to on with the festivities! However, I still have baseball jerseys to make.  Yikes! 

Does your family have any crazy traditions or fun activities that you like to do when you are all together? Do tell, please!


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