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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy End Of Spring Break!

Woot Woot! We had a great time during Spring Break.  That's why I haven't posted this past week.  We were too busy having an awesome time together.  

I mentioned in a post last week that we were going to spend the first weekend of SB with my extended family.  It was a blast! 

First was my sister's birthday party at a local Mexican restaurant:
These are a few of my favorite peeps.

The next day we celebrated my Mom's birthday and had our Family Baseball Game. We did it right, too. We sang the National Anthem, then said the Pledge of Allegiance, and my Mom threw out the first pitch. Here are a few pics of the day.

The Pledge
Don't adjust your monitor-those are definitely some neon green shorts!

My oldest up to bat

My turn!


My niece sliding into Home!

My Mom was batting and my Little was running.


But, we were exhausted the next day! 

It was a great way to spend time together, have fun, and remember my Daddy in a way that made everyone happy. He always loved to see us have a good time together and hear us laughing.

That night we had a wiener roast:

This is a pic of the chili.  It is a very important part of the wiener roast meal, and my family is very particular about their chili.  For an appropriate wiener roast chili dog, you must have Wolf Brand Chili Lean Beef, no beans.  No delicious homemade chili-that is for another time.  If you are in charge of bringing the chili to the wiener roast, you better make sure you got it right, if not, YOU WILL BE SHUNNED. And, quite possible taken out of the Will.  To be sure, you will never be trusted with chili responsibilities again. 

I'm completely serious.

On Monday, we headed home to do some laundry and pack up again.  Then we headed to Waco to see a Baylor Bears baseball game and visit campus.  There are beautiful buildings all over Baylor's campus. My husband graduated from there and he has officially won me over as a Bears fan, even though I went to UT at Austin. ;)
Beautiful Texas countryside

Buildings on campus at Baylor

One of the logos on the floor in the Student Center

My guys at the game

There is scripture in the concrete all over campus. Romans 12 is my favorite.

I was able to get some crafting in this week, as well.

I made a cute rope bird's nest to add some Spring to the front entry:
My oldest made these eggs when he was in the first or second grade.

I spruced up the front door by adding a wispy wreath and painting our "F".

This large wreath hangs in the porch area, too, and I added the bunting to make it more festive and springy.

I, also, completed an art project that I have wanted to do for a while.

It turned out really well, I thought! I'll show you how I did it and where it is now in a later post.

I got some organizing done, and some much needed deep cleaning. 

We made lots of memories with our kiddos and that is the best of all.  

It is really amazing to see your kids growing up and becoming the people that God intends for them to be.  When your kids get to a certain age and begin taking on more responsibilities within the family, it is really bittersweet.  Lots of help, but bittersweet.  You can see the things that you have taught them coming into being.  All the times that you have had to remind them and MAKE them do things pay off in the end.  Our Biggest helped my hubby do all sorts of chores around the house without complaint.  They went to the grandparent's house and did some yard work, did some here, and washed cars.  The Little even helped out, too, and the Biggest didn't fuss at him too much.

Yes, we had an awesome Spring Break. Did you? Did you get any long delayed tasks done? Take any trips? Please share!


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