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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Budgeting for Today and Tomorrow: School Supplies and Life Insurance

This has been a cray cray busy week for some reason! School is starting soon and we have been taking care of biz'niss, and making some improvements in the family financial situation. Fun times.

Really the budgetary changes have been sorta fun. It's really cool when you all of a sudden find areas where you can save some significant cash.  

We are, also, getting some additional life insurance so that our kids could do things, like eat, if anything were to happen to one of us. 

Mandi, over at Tidbits From The Tremaynes has been doing the same thing and her post about is huh-larious! Her husband and mine appear to share a condition in which they pass out cold when their blood is drawn.  Yippee. Should be fun when it's our turn. 

We, also, bought a mountain of school supplies in one stop. I couldn't believe we got it all in one place! That was an exciting day.  It doesn't take much to make me ridiculously happy.

Staples was the shopping destination of choice this year.  They had it all and I even got about a 10.00 discount because I applied for the rewards card and I got an education discount since I work in that field.  

And, the Little Bit got a rockin' backpack and lunch box that he loves. It's all good!

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It just worked out really well!)

Now the kids are all done with camps and the waiting for D-Day begins.

It's about this time of year that I am ready to get back on schedule and not be all over the place.  Summer is great and fun, but routine is awesome. 

Also, the bedroom makeover has been put on hold for at least a month.  Boo.  
We are being all responsible with our funds and such, so we felt we needed to put it off just a little longer. 

But, it WILL happen! It's our gift to each other for our 10th Anniversary, so it must be done. Plus, my bedroom is sort of hole right now.  

I do have a project in mind for this weekend.

via: Zillow Digs
I absolutely lurv this little nook that I found while I was perusing Zillow Digs and I really like the art on the wall.  It gave me an idea on how to add some color and interest in my own nook. I'll surprise you with it next week.  

If you haven't checked out Zillow Digs, you should.  There are some great inspiration photos there. It's sort of like Pinterest, but only homes.  And, I do love to look at houses online that are for sale. Is that weird? I want to see how others have their home decorated.  And, not just DIY and craft bloggers, but just normal non-blog immersed people.  Some have it and some seriously don't.

Via Zillow Digs

I love these pillows. The colors and prints look great together.  

So, hopefully, I will have more info on the room makeover for you soon.  

Oh, and I'll let you know how the blood drawing escapade goes!


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