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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Budgeting: Bringing In Income With Consignment

Clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes!

This pile is huge, and there are at least 2 more like it!

They don't sell at garage sales like they used to, do they?
At least, not around here. 

So, I have bags of kids clothes that I really need to get rid of....and shoes, games, and on  and on.

In the past year and half, if you have read this and this, then you know that we are on a quest to save more money which includes ways to bring in more money to add to the budget.

We have no desire to be wealthy by the world's standards, but, wealthy by our own standards.
We have a tremendously loving family and our time that we spend together is one of our top priorities, so we believe that we are rich in the love of our family and our love of Jesus.

Our desire to create a little more room in the family budget leads me to have garage sales, sell on Facebook (occasionally), and now to participate in a community consignment sale for children's clothes. The sale is the week and weekend of September 13th, and lasts for 4 days. I have heard that the crowd that comes is huge!

It is such a great way to sell your gently used children's clothes and even buy a ton of great items, as well.

We don't play these games anymore. Well, I was informed this morning that Battleship had to stay.....

The prep is a little time consuming, but I know it will be worth it.

Here is what I have to do:

Sort all the clothes by size and gender
Check them over for stains and tears and discard those
Put EVERYTHING on hangers
Pin the clothing to the hangers with safety pins
Write a description on an index card and pin the card to the item
Decide my prices
Print barcode labels from the Sale website
Apply each barcode to the index card on the correct item

For shoes/toys, they have to be put in plastic zip baggies and the index card taped to the baggie with packing tape.

Yep, lots of work.

Count 'em. Six pair of brown shoes...and, all of them are very similar. In fact, two are exactly alike!

(My name is Amy, and I have a brown shoe problem.)

I haven't ever done this sale before, but I hear it is awesome.

They hold the sale 2-3 times a year in Tyler, TX, which is only about 40 minutes from my house.

I think that they have done one in my home town, but it wasn't as well advertised.

A really good friend of mine has participated in the sale for years, and the last check that she received was for over $600. That much would certainly help out the Christmas stash!

I'm really excited to see how it goes.  I'll show off my completely prepped items when I'm done.

How do you bring in a little extra money around your house?
How about Christmas spending? Is it cash all the way?


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