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Welcome to my neck of the woods.  It's Texas if you weren't sure where you are. I love it and can't imagine living anywhere else in the world.  North East Texas has been my home all of my life, except for a few years in Austin in the mid 90's for college.  (Yes, the University of Texas at Austin, HOOK 'EM!) I now live only an hour away from the town where I grew up and I go up to visit often.  

I am wonderfully, happily married to my best friend who tolerates all of my DIYing and decorating, and even joins in much of the time.  We have 3 amazing boys that constantly keep us on our toes. We have a blended family made up of Yours, Mine, and Ours, and we are proud to say that it works for us.

Our boys are 15, 13, and 8 and have completely distinct personalities, so it can be very interesting at our dinner table in the evenings.  One in High School, one in Middle School and one in 2nd grade. Whew! I get tired just thinking about all the activities and running around! 

What is this blog about? It's about life in the messy lane, the ups and downs of life and how we try to dodge the potholes.  Yes, there will be plenty of projects shared and talk about how our home runs, but it's all part of life.  We have had a few life changing experiences and I want to share optimism, the love of God, and my own personal brand of therapy (anything home decor and design).  

We aren't perfect, but we don't have to be.  We are perfect for us. And, getting more so all the time. 


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