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Thursday, February 7, 2013

This House Is Our Home-Kitchen

Ok, so once school started this year, I needed a project.  Yes, I know, a year like we had and I want a project?? I needed change. I needed to make something new. So, we went big and decided to remodel our kitchen.  WHAT?!?!

It was just a mini remodel.  We didn’t replace any appliances and didn’t change the arrangement at all.  We didn’t even have to re-do our flooring.  

I know you’re wondering, so what DID you do?

We took down a wall. This was pretty much a DIY sitch, and we took down a wall.

Here is a before:


There was a whole lotta country going on in this kitchen!

We removed the wall above the cabs (in the pic on the left) and added a bar that would look over into the dining room.

Love those counters!

Almost There!

Love it. I mean really love it. Seriously.

We did this to make our house a little more user friendly and to suit our family more. And, boy, does it.  The big kids sit at the bar to do their homework, and the little sits over at the new desk area in the breakfast nook to do his.  

The upper cabinets that were located on the wall that we removed got moved to the new desk area in the breakfast nook.

It makes me so happy to have all the family in one room while I’m cooking dinner. Even when he’s not doing homework the oldest likes to sit at the bar and talk to me when I’m in the kitchen.  

It really has made our home so much more functional for us.


We saved some money and did a lot of the work ourselves, so it is not perfect by any means! Drywall is not my friend.

We spend a little more on the countertops than we had planned.  We considered granite, but didn’t love the price.  So we decided to go with WilsonArt HD.  

It’s stinkin’ beautiful. We could have saved a bit if we just did straight edges and corners, but I wanted them rolled. It was totally worth it.  It makes it look like granite! Lots of people have thought it was the real thing. And, I wanted to absolutely love it, and I do!

Another big money saver was the backsplash.  We chose beadboard.

I won’t go into a long tutorial because they are already all over the place. (There's a great one here.) But, it was so easy.....and cheap.  $30 did the whole kitchen. Yessir, $30.

We just used some basic trim to finish off the ends and TA-DA! Beautiful!

The paint I used was only $3, because I used a sample pot and it did the entire backsplash with lots left over.

And, now we actually use our dining room.  We eat at that table. Oh, it makes my heart happy.  

We have wonderful conversations with our kids there. That’s another reason to keep this house as our forever home.  Knowing one another here. 
3 By wisdom a house is built,
   and through understanding it is established;
4 through knowledge its rooms are filled
   with rare and beautiful treasures.~Proverbs 24:3-4

Redesigning and remodeling your home isn’t a sign of worldliness or selfishness. To me, I recreate our home for comfort, function, and love.  I want this to be a place that our children love and want to be in.  That we all want to be in.  And, we do.

This kitchen remodel was a bit about space, a bit about function, and a bit about renewal.  We needed some renewal and this was as a good place to start.

**Stay tuned for more on the renewal of our spaces and our hearts. You can also check out the Our Home tab to see pictures of what the house looks like now. 

**The photos above are unedited.

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