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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Mini Drop Zone Project

In the midst of our changing priorities over the past year, I have recently felt the need to clean out, clean up, and get organized.  I am definitely not there yet, but I am making a pretty good stab at it.  

I have organized my meal planning and food shopping process. 


I cleaned out our hallway closet that looked a little like this:

This is not my closet (because I forgot to take a picture of the before!), but, it's pretty dang close to what mine looked like.  

I kept the vacuum in there, and I had to push it in as far as I could and then shove the door closed to keep it from being pushed back out by all the junk.  It was seriously ridiculous!

My house is pretty small and we don't have a mudroom of any kind, or really anywhere to create a drop zone. So, my victim was the closet.  It is in the hall right across from the bedroom that the little and the middle share, so it was really the perfect spot. 

I got down to business.  I can't tell you how much was just thrown away.  It was crazy to think how much TRASH was in that closet.  Pieces of wrapping paper, crushed bows, old laptop cases, curtain rods,...good heavens. It filled two large contractors trash bags. That's a lot of trash. 

The other things, I found spots for. I hung coats in their owners closets, I put ski pants and jackets in an underbed storage box, I slid an old computer CPU way up under the bed. I found places for everything.  (I hope no one asks for anything in particular, because I might not remember where absolutely everything is right now.) The closet was completely clean!

It just an awesome sight to behold, I tell ya!

The little now has a place to hang his backpack and his karate uniform beside on the back of his bedroom door. There are baskets under the bench for him to store his shoes, as well.  The older two are still sticking their backpacks in their rooms, which is fine since they are so heavy they may pull down a wall.  

The color inside is Teal Lake by Glidden and the wall color in the hallway is Autumn Haze by Glidden, as well. 



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