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Thursday, February 28, 2013

One Garage Sale Coming Up!

Well, how the heck are ya? I’m particularly awesome today, as I started a new workout and all around getting healthier plan this week. Aside from not being able to move my arms or legs, it is all good. Seriously, I just had to fling my arms up on the keyboard and I am only moving my fingers....

Also, this weekend, I started getting ready for a garage sale that we are planning to have on March 2nd. This is part of our cleaning out and cleaning up chapter and it will be a doozy! I peeked up in the attic last week to see what needed to go and just had to go away again. It’s ridiculous how much stuff is up there!

Yes, it's a little blurry-I was balancing on one 
knee and holding the camera out!

There are stools from the old kitchen decor, frames, rugs, oversized wall art, shelves, and some holiday decor, too. Of course, there will be kids clothes galore...

I decided that instead of pricing each item, as I have insanely done in the past, I will print out a price list and post it strategically around the garage sale area. I will have one with me for sales, as well. All kids shirts $3, all kids shorts $3, etc. You get the idea. So much simpler.

Christmas shopping really did a number on our budget (but, we did it with no credit!) and now we have to PAY on our income taxes this year. The whole penalty and tax thing on withdrawing money from a retirement account to continue living thing got us. It’s really taxing you twice, they just like to confuse you with all the different names for things..... So, the garage sale is doubly important. Money for taxes and simplifying our lives. Cleaning out the clutter.

It really is a little embarrassing. I would hate for any service technician to have to go in our attic and crawl all over our stuff. There is a little cleared out area where they could go through thanks to the hubs. He’s thoughtful like that.

There's an awful lot of stuff up there!

But, in the continuing quest to minimize, it is uber important that we do this. We just have too much stuff! And, we don’t need it. Who does really?

Do you have things that you really don't need, just lying around? What are your plans for it?

I will let you know how it goes and snap pics of the day!


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