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Monday, November 4, 2013

Wrapping Up my Family Series

Being in bed for a week with the flu really messed up my schedule!

I am going to wrap up the Family series this week with two more posts.  

Today, I am introducing my other sister, Lisa.  She's the one we call Sis.  

She is the heart of our family.  If there is something to shed tears about she will be the first one.  At times you may hear, "Is Sis crying again?"

Yep, that's her.  Tenderhearted.

I grew up in a blended family and I was the "ours" of the bunch. I was showered with attention constantly. And, both my sisters were like extra moms that I got to have.  

If you remember, my oldest sister got married when I was 5 and she stuck her tongue out at me through the whole wedding. 

Well, that left me and Sis at home. We fought like crazy part of the time, and laughed, and then fought some more. 

She got married when I was 14, and I don't think I talked to her for a week.  I was so mad. 
She left me!

She will do anything for anyone that needs it, and she's always there when I need her. 

Here's my Sis.

In this fab '90's pic, Sis is on the left.


Well, when Nan ask my to write something about family I thought where would I start. So I decided what better place to start than where I came from. Not literally where I came from but how I came to be me. You see I was born in March of 1963 but I remember very little about that time in my life.   I had a wonderful momma that loved me very much. A brother that would let me play with his model cars until I would break the steering wheel or pop a tire off. An older sister to whom played endless hours  of dolls, house and anything else she said (she's the bossy one).

My real life began in March of 1968 when I was "born" into my extended family. With my new family came two older brothers and the most amazing daddy. My daddy loved me unconditionally from the start. Why this man would be willing to take on four more mouths to feed is only by Gods amazing grace. My other two brothers were here with us a lot. One lived with us for quiet some time. 

My daddy was such a sweet gentle man. I'm sure it happened more then this but I only remember him getting on to me two times. Once because Lolo ( the bossy one ) and I would not stop laughing one night while trying to go to sleep. He simply said GIRLS and we knew he meant business. The other time I came home from Longview after dark in the rain one night and he let me know that wasn't the thing to do. Daddy loved me just the way I was. 

To the bunch we added a little sister. With her came endless hours of dressing Barbie's over and over and over. As we got older I learned to sew and crochet from my grandmother Aunt Birdie. I used my new found skills to make my baby sister some clothes. Halter tops was my specialty, and yes she actually wore them outside the house. 

Mom held it all together. From Saturday perms, making uniforms for three girls in Tiger Dolls, cooking meal after meal. She taught us to be good do right and remember where you came from.   Love is what we do. You will always hear us say I Love You even if we are only be gone for a minute. 

Family comes in many forms so no matter how you were "born" into yours they are still a blessing from God. I love you all and I love you Nan for reminding us what family is all about.


Our family is very close. I know other families are, too. But, to me, we really have something special.

From, Mom and Daddy, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, cousins that I know are reading this, and my own family at home,  I love you all. 

You have made me, ME!


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